schreiber sohne bassoon serial numbers

15600 2009 The book by Maarten Vonk sounds interesting, but I don't have a copy. So these numbers should not be taken too literally. 5700 1921 Schreiber has always perfectly combined traditional … Several pads are off. The serial number is 9261. all matching) The bell is marked Western Germany. Benson Bell Instruments Clarinet Contra-fagott Fagott Accessories. Making a bassoon involves a few hundred manufacturing stages, any of which might delay the manufacturing process. 5800 1922 Hello Bill, I have a Polish Standard #718. 1986 5985-6021 - Answered by a verified Musical Instrument Appraiser. 39350 – 39795 2008 ... Schreiber Bassoon. Also, there is a way to determine which model you know of? More pictures available! 8100 1937 1975 5150-5242 10000 1956 Thank you, Sarah, I have a Oscar Adler with the serial number 1925. 2008 6292-6603 I saw that forum. 37860 – 38046 2007/08 39893 – 40346 2009 The serial number on the boot cap is 90xx, and the serial number on the top of the boot joint under the strap hook is 196xx. The pads are old and several keys have finish wear. The serial number is only found on the U-joint and nothing on the bell. 13900 1996 The serial number of 3624 is stamped twice on the interior of the boot – once on the base and once on the side. They say it is not theirs. 2009 16970 No distinguishing marks on it anywhere. the S31 master model really does not make tooo much of a difference from the S16 model in terms of playing or superiority in sound and handeling.i recon you get a S16. We purchased this from a reputable seller of new and used instruments. Our numbers have been provided by the factories themselves, but there’s always an overlap period, because the production period covers several months. Bassoons have been made with one of these 2 names since the 1920s, so that the different businesses could retain their exclusivity. This is a semi-professional model with keywork to high D. It is in excellent condition, both cosmetically and mechanically. There is one surviving mark of a “germany” stamp on the bottom joint. I was a brass player so not very familiar with bassoons. I know this is probably a really common post, but I've looked at multiple serial lists and forums on Schreiber and I cannot find this instrument or model. Did you ever find out any information about yours? It has the old logo, from the early days, and was made in Western Germany, so it is <1990s I would think. thank you for your help, Hi, I have purchased a Schreiber bassoon from ebay and the serial number on it is 4717. 4300 1902 5, RUE MAURICE BERTEAUX - 78711 MANTES-LA-VILLE - FRANCE. Check and see if you have a G. Mollenhauer or a J. Mollenhauer. 7400 1932 Please see the photos for more details. 6600 1927 Find a dealer. 1964 4489-4538 Help! I have a shreiber with the serial number 2072, I was wondering what year it might be made in, thank you so much! I have a basson stamped conn serial number 10148 can some one tell me when it was made. It has wonderful tone. Thank you. I really appreciate any information. “Made in Western Germany” stamped on the boot joint by tenon sockets. We have a Schreiber& Sohne Professional Model bassoon-made in Germany serial# ***** which was purchased circa 1988. Can you help? Schreiber Söhne Manheim Bassoon. 2007 6541-6561 Serial No. 1994 I acquired a Schreiber bassoon with the serial number 30271 in December, 1997. 3300 1886 Are you able to date a W. Schreiber bassoon sn #24659 for me? Numbers: Year of manufacture 2006-2012 6000 1924 Moderate play-wear with weather checking and scratches throughout. Thank you. Hard case included. 5, RUE MAURICE BERTEAUX - 78711 MANTES-LA-VILLE - FRANCE. Under the end cap is ( 2 + + ). Serial numbers as at the start of the calendar year. According to Vonk, Schreiber bassoons since 2006 are now being built in Markneukirchen, Germany. Dear Martin: Could you kindly help me with information on the following Bassoon: It is a W Schreiber & Sons with serial nr 19115. 12200 1978 (December 2012), Buffet Crampon Kind regards, have found more likely red maple. Thanks. 39 results for used bassoon Save used bassoon to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. For sale is a wonderful Schreiber bassoon, serial number 18390. Hi! 8000 1936 23694. What I heard was when Germany fell after the war the soviet union took over the factory which it was made at. Any idea what year this instrument was made? 2008 17950 Yamaha. 41701 – 41750 2011/12 Bassoon 5600 1920 4 bocals included (3x Schreiber and 1 x Amati) … 1985 5881-5984 Woodwind shop tested and adjusted. 1983 5769-5803 4000 1898 We purchased a prograde wood clarinet from them in the past. If that output was similar in the late 1950s, then #4327 was likely made in 1958. Kind regards, Maarten. Schreiber& Sohne Bassoon. 38185 – 38666 2006 Thank you. Oscar Adler & Co and Sonora 8500 1940 40401 – 40758 2010 13100 1986 Shows light wear from use and playing. Congratulations to the searcher. I have a beautiful Schreiber stamped with number 30134 Made in Germany. The first 1 is not lined up and also space further apart. She bought it used in 1974 from a fellow student for 3000$, who bought it used and was selling it after waiting on a new one to replace it for 4 yrs. Excellent. 3200 1884 It is Schreiber ser. I have a Schreiber with the number 1873. It has silver plated keys / high D key / whisper key lock upgrades along with 3 silv … read more Oscar Adler & Co en Sonora Buffet Crampon The keys move freely. I got a bassoon from my family about 15 years ago and have never been able to find anything except for a lone serial number on the u-joint. 1978 138-181 1985 420-458 Moosmann Could you tell me the year it was made in? Amati 40759 – 40779 2010/11 15500 2008 W. Schreiber 100% MADE IN GERMANY. Under the keys are a single number 5. As mine is loaned out right now, I can’t check. Probably early 1970’s. Hi I have a Moolenhauer S/N 1600, do you know which year was it made? 10300 1958 Condition is "Used". Usually w.schreiber+sohne bassoons were made in the 1940s to the 1950s. Wolf (Coming) Clarinets Contra-bassoon Bassoons Accessories. 6300 1926 4400 1903 1966 4539-4601 I have a Schreiber and Sohne professional model basson with the number 18467. Pads springs and corks in great condition. I’m very curious about your intonation as mine has issues with D2, and F# and I am getting ready to sell mine. Gebrüder Mönnig 13511 Sorry I just see this message, 45704. The bassoon will need pads and restoration. 1958 4167-4214 Selmer 1930's Brevete A. Selmer Centered Tone. I have an old Gebr. What is a Scheidmayer & Sohne box grand, made in 1864, serial number 6708, worth today? No. 4800 1909 1974 5052-5149 ± 1975-1976 Selmer Pre-Centered Tone. Email * (Your email will never be published or shared). 41351 – 41700 2011 Would you be able to help me find out what year it is from? Year of manufacture and serial number Could you please tell when was it made? 2011 7107-7355 Instruments Clarinet Contra-fagott Fagott Accessories. You can also increase the value of the instrument because it came from another country, is an antique and a valuable, and instruments generally increase in value as they age. 4100 1891 I have a Polisi Artist model #83012 purchased new about 1987. 11000 1965 11800 1972 Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. 41001 – 41300 2011 Vintage Schreiber& Söhne(Son) wood bassoon. 2002 6433-6463 R. Walter (Coming) Select a … Serial number is 4943, which is stamped on all 4 joints, the plating on the keys is in poor shape, all keys are present, the pads are old, some are loose and falling out, this bassoon will need to be rebuilt in order to get playing again, the upper bell ring is not original and has been replaced, the tenon corks(where the bassoon goes together) will all need to be replaced, the … Trying to figure out Make and what year it was made. A Schreiber bassoon takes many months to produce as the wood is allowed to settle after each operation. I just thought it would be nice knowing the age or what model it is. I have found no brand marks. it resonates evenly throughout its registers and has rather consistent intonations. I am trying to sell it but want to make sure I can give correct history for this type of bassoon. 5000 1911 7100 1930 Mine was built by 1920 at the latest. 14100 1997 41864 – 2012, Gebrüder Mönnig 8700 1943 Fully serviced, all new pads, no mold or rust, smoke free. The serial number is 9261. all matching) The bell is marked Western Germany. 1998 1965 Selmer London Gold Seal. Hi I have a W. Schreiber S/N 26565 I just want to know around when was it made and what model is it. 10700 1963 8900 1943 Currently I have emailed Buffet-Crampon's corporate in the US, but idk if they'll be able to help me find it. Please contact us with any questions that you may have. 7000 1929 11400 1970 Serial numbers as at the start of the calendar year. All of it's Pads, and Corks seam to be in Good Usable Condition. 2006 17770 6900 1929 Thanks! , Hi I am in need of help finding more information regarding our Moennig Basson. I have a Püchner Superior which serial number is: 13838. I got a bassoon of Schreiber with the S/N 28527. 10800 1964 Standar key work, double low C key, whisper key, 4 rollers. 9800 1954 Deliveries do not always coincide with these. Hola tengo un Schreiber & Söhne con número de serie 7851, me gustaría saber de qué año es, gracias! Ready to play. 2010 6856-7106 The list starts in 1966 with serial numbers 9409 - 10013. 8400 1939 Great deals on Schreiber Bassoons. Schreiber& Sohne Wood Bassoon for Restoration 9261 Western Germany N/R This is a Schreiber& Sohne wood Bassoon. 41751 – 41809 2012 Sorry for the delay. Original hardshell case in good condition is included. Pre Owned SCHREIBER BASSOON - Repadded PERFECT - Ships FREE WORLDWIDE . W. Schreiber 9100 1945 13200 1986 Could you let me know the model and year please? 1967 4602-4654 2009 18050 I am trying to find information on a recently acquired Bundy by Selmer Bassoon with a serial number of 4731….I can’t even find any reference to this serial number. It was sold to me as a Fox. Thank you! 15800 2011 Currently, Ben and four employees produce an anticipated 15 to 20 bassoons per year. I have an oscar adler bassoon, serial number 111116, do you know what year this would have been made? 37 results for used bassoons Save used bassoons to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. I know that their serial numbers are kind of “random” now, but they went numerically then. 5, RUE MAURICE BERTEAUX - 78711 MANTES-LA-VILLE - FRANCE. All four pieces have matching serial numbers. If that output was similar in the late 1950s, then #4327 was likely made in 1958. I will be looking at a used Polisi “Artist” Bassoon next week. Thank you. I have a Schreiber and Sohne bassoon with the serial number 13621. Hi. I have a Schreiber and Sohne bassoon from 1989, but I can not tell what model it is. Bassoons have been made with one of these 2 names since the 1920s, so that the different businesses could retain their exclusivity. That’s really pretty helpful! 40347 – 40400 2009/10 I have a Schreiber with the serial number 8180, do you have an estimate when it was made? 3500 1890 8800 1943 I have a Schreiber Bassoon #16877 professional could you tell me the age of this Bassoon, what would be the value on something like that 14080 2002 7900 1936 My bassoon: Yamaha Custom YFG811, serial number 2109 ? v.1. Many thanks for your assistance. 14400 1998 Will need servicing and/or repair. 4700 1908 1981 265-296 1950 3919-3924 2007 16350 1982 5702-5768 I have been told it was probably made in the 1960s. We have a Schreiber& Sohne Professional Model bassoon-made in Germany serial# 15751 which was purchased circa 1988. Does this mean anything? 14000 1996 1969 4728-4756 Fox Any information on the year would be appreciated! 2003 6464-6489 1988 10200 1958 Какая информация есть про фагот шрайбер 42544? Moderate play-wear with weather checking and scratches - Available at Thursday Vintage Guitar & Music. 2009 6583-6602 12500 1980 12800 1984 Thank you Would you good folks be able to tell me more about my instrument? 10400 1960 Hard case included. 1959 4215-4275 1972 4913-4972 13800 1996 Could you tell me how old it is? Pleasev share: | FagotAtelier Maarten Vonk VOF, Bassoon former by Henk de Wit. Great working and playing condition. I’m trying to find out about my sisters bassoon to settle her estate. See photo Has scratches and some finish wear marks in wood from assembly and disassembly for regular use.

Includes one … 8600 1942 Fast & Free shipping on many items! 13300 1986 11300 1970 1955 4080-4098 4600 1906 Thanks. For technical reasons, the instruments don’t get finished in the strict order of their serial numbers. 6100 1925 2006 6526-6540 Pads seem in good shape. (I know this because the music school mine was sold to closed down in 1923 or 1924.) No 5 on the bottom. It also has R.E.B. 2010 17350 1968 4655-4727 2008 6562-6582 have an amati bassoon – S/N 0176 – any idea when produced. 3600 1891 Social Wall. The only function of the numbers was during the production. Year of manufacture and serial number 11500 1971 Schreiber & Sohne. 2008 16650 the bassoon is made in 1991 Sounds good. W. Schreiber & Sohne Bassoon (w/OHSC, 2 Bocals) PLAYS GREAT! If pictures would be helpful, I can add them. 1963 4420-4488 Thanks! Best answer: Answer by KelseyW. 1960 4276-4322 Gebrüder Mönnig 13078 That’s really pretty helpful! 5900 1923 Could you identify the exact year it was made 14300 1998 Normal wear to pads. 2007 17850 Do you have any idea of the year ou manufacturer? I would be so grateful for any input you can provide. Serial number 25250 / Made in Germany. Through contacting companies or independent research, intrigued to hear how you do it. I have G. Mollenhauer & Sone Kassel Bassoon #578. no. 11100 1969 Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Schreiber Bassoon at the best online prices at eBay! If it has original key work, it should have no roller keys, a very small whisper key, No body lock, no high D key. Several pads are off. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Schreiber & Sohne Bassoon, Serial Number #7222. That apart, the instruments are the same, as are the serial numbers. Could you please tell me the built year? 38667 – 38700 2005/06 2006 5604-5955 Schreiber Söhne Manheim Bassoon. Selmer F. Barbier. Almost no oxidation on metal parts. Benny Goodman signature. J. Püchner 15400 2007 Over 97% of our students are employed or in further study within six months of graduating (DLHE survey 2016/17). Can you help me whitch model an year? 1992 For the first half of the 1960s, Schreiber used an average of about 675 serial numbers per year. Very light play wear, No scratches. 1954 4022-4079 8200 1938 11600 1971 Please enter a number less than or equal to 1. I found an old Schreiber and Sohne bassoon, but cannot tell if it is a student, conservatory or professional model. AZ 85203 |(480) 461-9161 Vintage Schreiber and Sohne Bassoon! and be a dark brown/purplish color with tiger striping. How do I determine what model it is etc? 9500 1951 6700 1928 W. Schreiber & Sohne Wood Bassoon Nauheim Germany for Restoration 14366 This wood bassoon is marked W. Schreiber & Sohne Made in Germany Nauheim. 12400 1980 7200 1931 Also is there a way to determine model that you know of? 2011 6616-6630 3900 1896 2732 ( January 2006 ) Thanks! I’ll send it once I hear back. I have a J. Pauchner without a whisper key. Mönnig Condition: Fair. 10900 1965 15200 2005 Schreiber & Sohne Bassoon, Serial Number #7222. Amati Services 15149 2004 thanks, I have a Shreiber S/N 17682. The serial number on it shows 11113 and also it is stamped with soviet union and Germany on a metal band. 2004 6490-6508 Do you find this interesting? 11900 1973 Hi, my Bassoon is stamped Conn 7868. 1983 349-379 and if it’s worth anything. 15900 2012 I am looking for the date of a Polisi Standard bassoon, # 813. W. Schreiber Bassoons. 1044 ( January 2006 ) 9900 1955 Hi I have a Schreiber with the number 16879 not sure when it was made or which model and as well as price, Hi, I’m looking for information on a Huller Bassoon with serial no. 8300 1939 7700 1935 1976 100-109 3000 1877 I did a little more searching. I have not seen the book or the actual list but I am guessing that your bassoon would be one of those built in the mid to late 1970's. Furthermore, the date indicated above may occasionally be off by one year. The delivery dates are much more accurate for firms that add the numbers to their instruments at the end of the production process. 7500 1933 The number is 2861 and as much as I’d hope that it’s a pre-3000 Heckel…I highly doubt it. Some preliminary comments. It’s marked with Schoneck, which I believe is the East Gerrman city it was made in. In principle, each year started off with a new hundred series. I have a good quality (as in playable, all pads intact and good, mainly just needs to be cleaned) Schreiber and Sohne bassoon. 39207 – 39349 2007/08 Now the as-is part is Because it's chrome parts will need some cleaning up, and some of it's chrome is missing. It seems to be in rather good shape despite. Unfollow used bassoon to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. Hello, I have a Schreiber bassoon serial number 31168, and I would like to know the year of manufacture, as well as the model. Hi Can you help me figure out when it was made? 6200 1925 1999 That apart, the instruments are the same, as are the serial numbers. Hello! Sold in "as-is" untested condition. Any help in determining who is the manufacturer is would be appreciated. I have recently purchased a monnig bassoon with serial number 14318 and was wondering if you could tell me roughly when it was made? 2010 6603-6615 1910 +/- 5 years. No wing to tenor joint lock. 2007 5956-6291 Schreiber has a long tradition of making bassoons. W. Schreiber, coming: 5100 1912 I’ve contacted Fox. I have a wooden bassoon with no markings other than 17 under the cap. I have a Moennig basson with the number 1118. Thank you. The serial number is 27055. Later the serial number which we believe is actually 113 an additional 1 was stamped in front of the 113 now showing as 1113. Hi! 1973 4973-5051 Seasoned maple wood body with nature grain. 1952 3992-3998 Hello I have a monnig that the serial number is 9854. can you It needs some repair but I would like to know what year it is. No work is needed. 1976 5243-5291 1981 5576-5701 13600 1986 I have a bassoon, I am pretty sure it is a Schreiber, the branding on the bell is Conn though. Buenos dias i have monning 15366 when it was made? The serial number is 11417 and it says it was made in Germany. 10500 1961 In the 19 teens, the Mollenhauer company was trying to build its export business to America. 14700 2000 Edith Reiter has been researching the subject for some years through the old records and the book will be finished shortly. 3800 1895 1956 4099-4134 I have a bassoon without a make stamped on bell but it has the bell ring, key design and guard design of an older Schreiber. 6800 1929 We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at 10600 1961 2005 15750 I would like to know t’he year of manufacture. Thank you. Is there an approximate value range for bassoons in reasonably good condition with that serial number? Monnig that I think is a model 208, serial number 10652, looking for any information on it, when it was made, model, etc.?? 2000 6361-6398 2005 6509-6525 stamped on each piece is number 2041 made in west Germany. Boot has no corrosion or rot. 1957 4135-4166 I bought a bassoon and a yard sale and the serial number is 1145 and I did not see it on your chart and I would like to know what year it was made in.

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